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Do you know how we always feel that the grass is greener on the other side? Well, employee loyalty rewards programs are a way to stop your employees from thinking about your organization the same way.

Employee loyalty just like customer loyalty, is a very wide term that incorporates many different emotions of your employees that make them feel connected to your brand and motivate them to stick with your organization for years on end.

Employees are the most valuable asset for any organization. If they feel that your organization cares for them and has their best interest in mind, then they will do their best for your organization too.

It goes both ways – if your organization is expecting the employees to be loyal, then they want the organization to be loyal to them too and look out for their well-being. It is hard to find good employees, and much harder to convert them into loyal employees.

1. Improve employee loyalty with our end-to-end solution

Finding and retaining employees who are just the perfect match. Whose skill sets not only match your requirements but whose unbeatable dedication toward their jobs is what keeps your company ahead of the competition takes efforts from your company just like retaining customers does.

So, to avoid losing such valuable assets to your competition, we suggest you go for an end-to-end employee loyalty solution, an all-in-one engagement platform for employees like our GiiftEmpuls. Yes, that’s right, we not only lead in customer loyalty programs but also in loyalty employee programs too.

GiiftEmplus helps you build an engaged workplace where everyone is aligned, motivated, and connected. Just like customer loyalty programs encourage customers to earn more rewards in order to claim more redemptions.

Let us tell you how our innovative employee loyalty program can help you amp up your employee engagement game:

An all-in-one employee engagement platform  

Be it a team of 50 or 500, it creates a direct link from managers to the executive roles and more via communications, exchanges, surveys, rewards, and so on. Keep a closer eye on the culture and climate of your organization with the help of these features:

• It is available anywhere

• It is suitable for companies of all sizes

• It leverages communication

2. Gain the trust of your employees with consistent and transparent communication

It also gives you a very happening yet customized social intranet for all your distributed teams. In short, you can:

• Improve the internal collaborations

• Helps with employee engagement

• Also enhances the company’s culture

3. Test and learn from the data you collect

This data can then be leveraged to come up with improvement strategies that can essentially give a positive impact on the employee’s performance. It can also be used to improve the decision-making processes, too. It can seamlessly:

• Gauge employee sentiment

• Gain deeper insights with employee surveys

• Help to improve employee performances and decision making

Nurture and foster a culture of appreciation with employee rewards and recognition

You can cover all the important milestones and occasions and give you a chance to always appreciate and reward your team’s achievements, ideas, and also helpful suggestions. It can help you do a bunch of things, such as:

• You can have fun with peer/employee recognition options

• Celebrate your employees with reward points, gifts, and more

• You can also have exclusive discount offers

Why is employee motivation important?

Building and keeping your team of well-skilled employees can empower your organization to grow and lead the competition in the dynamic industry.

Your employees on the other hand should feel motivated and should trust your organization to dedicate their careers to flourish and climb up the ladder in your organization which will in turn lead to advancing your organization’s goals.

Having loyal employees can help further your organization’s motive, efficiently work toward the company vision and consistently improve the overall revenue.

How to increase employee loyalty?

Boosting employee morale and improving daily operations is one thing but it also helps to attract new talent to your organization along with a reduced employee turnover. Let’s jot down some of these benefits of a quality loyalty employee program and talk about them one by one:

1. Increases employee loyalty

A loyal employee usually treats the company as its family. Will have a positive and proactive attitude towards the work and will not hesitate to take on additional responsibilities to keep the boat afloat.

Knowing that their companies care for them, gives them a sense of ownership towards your organization and treats the company’s success as their success. That kind of attitude nurtures the work culture and makes the workplace more fun to be in.

2. Positively influences customer experience

If your employees like working at your organization, they not only become your loyal employees but in fact become your company’s advocate. They will rub off their positivity and energy on your customers and your customers will appreciate your company’s service and a delightful experience with your employees. It is not unheard of that loyal employees can generate more loyal customers.

3. Enhances your brand image

Satisfied and happy employees certainly portray your company’s image in a very positive manner. That in turn, in turn, leads to better cooperation between the teams and essentially enhanced turnover and increased profits. Your employees are the face of the company, their success, and hard work reflect the company’s success.

4. Drives employee productivity

Employees that trust the company and believe that their companies have their backs are more confident with their work, more motivated to work harder, more excited to come up with new ideas, and more inclined towards successfully meeting deadlines. Hence, heightening their productivity at their jobs to the next level.

5. Improves growth & expansion possibilities

With a positive work attitude comes flexibility and dedication. Loyal employees will do anything to drive their company toward success.

Hence, scalability, improvements, and expansions can be undertaken with the least resistance and the organization has a better chance of growth and prosperity when it doesn’t have to worry about pushback from its employees for the required enhancements and changes.

6. Results In quality hiring

Organizations usually prefer new employees to come as referrals from the existing employees as the chances of the potential candidate working out are much higher.

But good employee referrals are hard to come by if they themselves are struggling at their job and do not trust the company so having loyal, happy, and satisfied employees plays to the company’s advantage. These employees are more likely to refer their good friends and relatives for a job in your company, hence resulting in quality hiring.


At Giift, we are ace at engaging your customers & teams all together through our end-to-end loyalty solutions. We believe that employee loyalty is just as important as customer loyalty. Just like a loyal customer improves your revenue with repeat purchases, your loyal employee improves your revenue with their dedication.

Now, where would you find the Industry Leader who can take care of not only your customer loyalty requirements but also your employee rewards, incentives, and payout requirements?

Well, your search is now over. At Giift, with our focus on high-end technology, coupled with our global experience in executing projects across industries, we create meaningful loyalty experiences that power lifetime connections with your customers and employees alike. Grab your phone and give our loyalty experts a call today.

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